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Our general contractor in Orlando was ranked in the TOP 2% in Florida (over more than 180,000 building contractors) by the independent ranking agency BuildZOOM.

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To see samples of prior projects, click one of the images below. There are 3 galleries of residential remodeling plus 4 more for commercial renovations.

Or, to learn more about us, including what makes our general contractors the best for your renovations or remodeling in Florida, click here: how to choose the right remodeling company.

To see samples of our residential remodels and renovations in greater Orlando, click an image below:

Interior remodeling + converted porch home renovations: interior remodeling (converting an enclosed kitchen to an open kitchen)+ conversion of room to porch

Home addition + new kitchen & bath (includes audio testimonial) Home addition + new kitchen & bath in central Florida

Complete home renovations (includes audio testimonial) Complete home renovations in Orlando Florida

To see samples of our commercial build-outs and construction management services, click an image below:

The Country Club of Orlando

commercial building repair & remodeling orlando

IN BLOOM (a florist in Orlando - includes audio testimonial)

Pirates Dinner Adventure

restaurant construction management Orlando FL

Old Town Theme Park

commercial building renovations & tenant improvements in Orlando FloridaServing Orlando & beyond

The remodeling contractors that you will reach through this site are licensed by the state of Florida and will serve you anywhere in the Orlando area including:

Altamonte Springs
Azalea Park
Belle Isle
Doctor Phillips
Hunter's Creek
Lake Buena Vista
Lake Mary
Pine Castle
Pine Hills
Tangelo Park
Union Park
Winter Garden
Winter Park
Winter Springs

Get the remodeling you need
PLUS a delightful experience!

First, among all the remodeling contractors in Longwood, how easy could it be to pick one you can trust? We'll make it simple and fast.

An independent consumer advocate website (BuildZOOM) ranked over 180,000 building contractors in Florida. Through the form on the left, you will contact a building contractor that is ranked in the top 2% (based on dozens of recent residential and commercial projects). In other words, if you took the time to contact 100 contractors in Florida, BuildZOOM predicts that our contractors would be one of the two best.

Just talk to us first. Save yourself all that time of sorting through a big, tangled pile. BuildZOOM specializes in ranking builders and they know exactly how to find the best ones (including by analyzing the reviews of actual clients). To view our profile, use the form on the left to request a link.

Or, before you hire us, maybe you will want to talk to a few contractors in Longwood who all have a great rating. If that makes sense to you, then read the next section on why we still expect you to prefer our builders over the rest of the top 2% in Florida.

Next, within that select group of 2%, what else makes our general contractor the very best for you?

We are simply more motivated than the other top-ranked contractors in Longwood. So, we will give you a fast estimate and start your project without long delays. You will get the highest quality plus our undivided attention (which the other top-ranked Longwood contractors are just too busy to do).

Even as one of the top-ranked general contractors in all of Florida, we're not huge. Because of that, you can be confident that you will get the personal attention that you value (from the smallest interior remodeling to construction management for new commercial buildings). Though our company is small, we have decades of local experience in central Florida, so we have developed solid relationships with a select few specialty subcontractors in the Longwood area. The quality of the work depends on the quality of all of the workers!

Like all of the top builders in Florida, our general contractor takes great pride in every step of every job, from the smallest home improvements to the biggest construction management project in Longwood. So, while most contractors will typically "cut corners" now and then (which can result in big delays with city building inspectors if they get caught), we are committed to maintaining our "A+" status with BuildZOOM. We only do great work and that means that we only use subcontractors that have earned our total confidence.

We really expect you to be delighted not only by the end result, but by every step of the process. Why? Because that is exactly how we would want it if we were the ones hiring a building contractor!

So, why wait weeks to get an estimate for a small job? Once you contact us using the form on the left, you will find that we are very easy to reach by phone. We will work with you to fit you in to our schedule (even if your schedule is tight). Instead of contacting renovation contractors with huge waiting lists (and waiting several months before your construction project would even begin), we can start soon and finish promptly. Not only are we a top-ranked contractor, but we can serve you much faster than other A+ builders in Longwood. You can even contact us right now and then, after that, listen to our reviews.

Last, exactly why do central Florida residents so strongly recommend our contractors?

We invite you to listen to their own words of why they recommend that you hire us in Longwood. You will hear it straight from them.

Maybe you do not know how stressful it can be to hire a negligent or dishonest remodeling contractor (which is emphasized in the middle review below). Maybe you also don't know how many fake reviews are on the internet.

After you contact us, we can even send you a link to our BuildZOOM profile so that you can see that we have consistently produced great reviews year after year after year. Other builders may feature a few decent reviews to distract you from their bad ones. Getting licensed as a building contractor is rather easy, but earning a top 2% ranking from BuildZOOM is something that 49 out of 50 licensed contractors in Longwood did not do!

With us, you can stop worrying about all of that. Instead of hiring a below average builder and then regretting a stressful disaster, we encourage you to be selective. Take a minute now to hear at least one short audio testimonial from our past remodeling clients near Longwood. (The first two below are 50 seconds and 60 seconds long, while the last one is 5 minutes long).

Now, you can hear these 3 home owners in greater Orlando sharing some short comments on
why they recommend our remodeling contractor over ALL the others in Longwood.

The first one has 25 years of experience in the construction industry and said our contractor was "BY FAR the best" of all of the contractors she has EVER hired. (So far, she has hired us to do a series of renovations to her home plus 3 commercial build-outs for her business in Orlando). If you were skeptical when you saw the words "a delightful experience" at the top of this page, your doubts could be erased once you listen to these 3 clients rave about us:

"I have a lot of experience with a lot of contractors. I had worked with many contractors over the years- for new construction and also renovations. Dave was BY FAR the best.

I really like Dave. I love the honesty. I trust him... enough that he has the key to my house for when we do another project. He still has a key to my home!

I just think that anybody that is having work done should contact Dave. Anytime I have a friend who as a need for construction renovations, I tell them to call him."

To hear her full audio testimonial (14 minutes long) and/or see pictures of the renovations, click here: Orlando's best contractor for home improvements & commercial build-outs.

This local real estate investor (and licensed realtor) was very relieved to find a reliable contractor (after a disastrous experience with another remodeling contractor in Orlando). In the end, he rated our remodeling contractors "10 out of 10!"

"I had hired somebody that did a really bad job, made a mess of things with the city building officials and we were just at a standstill on a project. For whatever reason, the residential contracting and remodeling business tends to attract people that sometimes aren't very ethical.

At the time I started the project, I didn't know David. He came very highly reviewed. Then, I checked his license. There were no complaints against his license.

Basically, he came in and made sense of everything. He made nice with the city building officials and in a matter of weeks has completely turned the project around (that was at a standstill).

David's honest. He's ethical. He's up front... and he does really, really, really good work!

He's excellent, very professional, very good communication. You can tell that he really cares. Ten on a scale of one to ten."

To read a longer transcript of his testimonial (or listen to the full, unedited 13-minute interview), click here: If you could hire a licensed remodeling contractor in Longwood that was twice the value of other builders, how soon would you? (To see photos of the renovations, click here: a complete home renovation north of Orlando.)

Hear this homeowner in downtown Orlando give nothing but praise to our builders (and see pictures of his home improvements):

"I have dealt extensively with contractors (for big projects and small projects). A re-occuring theme or issue with contractors in general is a lack of accountability. The one thing I really I can say about David: you know the guy would always pick up the phone and call me back. So he didn't play any games, which I loved, you know?

When the project was complete, David and I ended as friends. I've referred him since then to a handful of my friends.

David and his team got exactly what we envisioned... and they executed it perfectly! All day long, I recommend David."

To hear his full 5-minute audio testimonial and see pictures of the renovations, click here: Why to hire an honest building contractor in Longwood.

Remodeling contractor Longwood FL: commercial build-outs, additions, kitchens, bathrooms, & more

"Finally... a remodeling contractor in Longwood that actually understands!"

Our contractors have provided remodeling and general contracting services for decades. We respect you and we understand that your life may have just gotten very busy. We can help you move gracefully through the details, cost, and uncertainty of your construction project.

You know that you need expert help. What you probably do not know is how to tell which is the best general contractor in Longwood, right?

Let us help you with that! For you to "move gracefully" through this unfamiliar situation of renovating or constructing an addition, you want guidance from someone that makes you feel comfortable, right?

So, imagine that your remodeling project is kind of like learning to dance. If the music does not have a steady rhythm that is at a pace that works for you, you want a dance instructor who notices that and adjusts the tempo for you. They can select simple, fun songs that they know very well and that you know too. They help you to be both relaxed and focused. They notice common mistakes and sources of confusion, plus they are very at ease about helping to correct any errors and move things forward at the right pace for you.

You want a stable, perceptive partner (or instructor) who is confident about their own abilities and who leads you in a way that has you moving smoothly and gracefully. In that case, you can learn to dance at the right rhythm for you and you will feel comfortable letting them lead, because you can tell that they are relaxed, confident, and capable. Once you see them get started, you will see the ease and strength of each step that they take.

Is your building renovation or home improvement project going to be as much fun as learning to dance? Probably a little less fun. However, once you select our contractors for the remodeling service, then there will not really be much for you to do. Our experts do all the work. (You won't even be sore the next day like you might from a night of having "too much fun" while dancing.)

"Should I choose an insured, licensed company for my remodeling services?"

We strongly recommend it. Not only does our company come with a general contractor's license from the Florida D.P.R., with an insured bond, and with a top 2% rating from buildzoom, but there are also several audio testimonials that you can find through the links at the top of this page. You can hear for yourself why so many people in Longwood recommend that you hire this remodeling company for your project.

We respect that when you are inviting people in to your home, for major renovations, you want skilled experts that are a pleasure to have in your household, right? Because we understand how stressful a construction project can be, that's why we have the best reviews in Longwood, including from property management companies (for remodeling of residential homes and commercial buildings in Longwood).

Need an estimate, remodeling bid, or an in-person consultation? If so, click the image below now!